The Last of Us 2: the official replica of Ellie’s guitar arrives in Spain for 2,399 euros

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Along with the launch of The Last of Us Parte 2 in June of last year, a collector’s item very special: the Ellie’s guitar replica in the video game with a value of $ 2,400. Of course, at that time this piece of merchandising could only be purchased in the official PlayStation store in the United States. Well finally the store PlayStation Gear official for the European market already offers this guitar at a price of 2.399,15 euros, with the possibility of also being acquired in Spain.

Ellie’s official guitar arrives in Spain

And it is that it is a whole collector’s item that will captivate both fans of the game and those musicians who want to have a unique instrument in their hands; hence the price, both for the official piece itself and part of the official merchandising from Naughty Dog as well as the guitar itself, from the brand Taylor, world renowned in the music industry.

It’s about the model Taylor 314ce with the same appearance of Ellie’s guitar in the video game that “offers a balanced voice across the tonal spectrum with a rich midrange and clear high notes thanks to its construction with solid sapele back and sides and a Sitk spruce top” , we can read in your official description from the PlayStation Gear digital store.

Already on its appearance as a replica of Ellie’s guitar in The Last of Us Part 2, the piece sports “its distinctive tobacco-colored sunburst top and a custom moth inlay on the grained ivory fingerboard.” On the other hand, and for those who do not want to spend that amount of money, another model is offered with some other reason based on the video game, although it does not try to be a replica at any time. It is the Taylor GS Mini in black with the famous Ellie tattoos silk-screened, with a price from 733,72 euros.

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