The Last of Us (HBO) series adds three new well-known actors from the game

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HBO and PlayStation add Jeffrey Pierce, Murray Bartlett Y With O’Neill the cast of actors and actresses of the series The Last of Us; although playing different characters from how they did in the original Naughty Dog video game published in 2013. The production, which is already in full swing, gives space to more faces familiar with the original work, anticipates Deadline.

Thus, apart from characters such as Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Gabriel Luna, who will play Joel, Ellie and Tommy, respectively, plus others such as Nico Parker, Sarah Miller, the direction of the series finds a way to add recognizable voices especially for users who played with the original English dubbing.

Jeffrey Pierce, the voice of Tommy in The Last of uS video game, will return to play a different character: Perry, a rebel in a quarantine zone; Bartlett, meanwhile, will be Frank, a survivor of the pandemic that takes place before the main adventure; while O’Neill will be Bill, another survivor, both isolated in a city.

The Last of Us series will consist of 10 episodes; no release date

Just a few weeks ago we learned that the first season of The Last of Us series on HBO will have 10 episodes; all written and produced by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), accompanied by Neil Druckmann, director of video games and now also co-president of Naughty Dog, to form the script. Currently, the series does not have a release date, but we do know that it will be based on the first video game in the series; although Druckmann and Mazin explained that some episodes “will deviate a lot” from the events narrated in the work of PS3 and PS4.

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For the rest, the executive producers of The Last of Us series are Carolyn Strauss (Chernobyl and Game of Thrones), Evan Wells (Naughty Dog), Asad Qizilbash (PlayStation Productions) and Carter Swan (PlayStation Productions). A statement of intent where Sony will make every effort to convert this intellectual property into a whole media franchise. They will not stay here, however, as the Uncharted movie (2020) and a Ghost of Tsushima movie with John Wick as director are underway. In total, Sony Pictures prepares seven series and three films based on PlayStation licenses.

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