“The Last of Us”: Pedro Pascal’s incredible salary per episode of the new HBO series

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How much is Pedro Pascal’s salary? The Chilean actor has been placed among the 10 highest paid artists in productions of streaming platforms. And this has been achieved with a series that has not yet been released: “The Last of Us”From HBO. Your salary for each chapter of fiction inspired by the famous videogame namesake is superior to Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin.

This has been known thanks to a report by , which has revealed the salaries of the most important stars in recent years. For instance, Cavill cobra 400 thousand dollars for each episode of “The Witcher”.

While the veteran performer Alec Baldwin receives an amount of 575,000 dollars, approximately, for being part of the cast of “Dr. Death”. However, Pascal’s financial collection exceeds that of the two movie and television stars.

The Chilean price on the international market has increased above all by “The Mandalorian”, The television series premiered in Disney+. The success story of Star Wars has been replicated in Pedro Pascal, who gives life to hero and deliver a applauded performance.

Chilean actor Pedro Pascal will charge 600 thousand dollars for each episode of the television series “The Last of Us”, The new bet of HBO. The fiction will have a first season with a total of 10 chapters, so Pascal will bag $ 6 million.

The artist will play Joel, the protagonist of the dystopian history. But Pascar’s salary in the aforementioned television production is not the highest on Variety’s list. Who tops the list is the American actor Chris Patt, who receives 1.4 million for each chapter of “The Therminal List”.

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“The Last of Us” is a television series based on the popular PlayStatio video gamen, which appeared in 2013. The story centers on Joel and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), the last survivors of a pandemic in United States.

They must survive before a reality where other people have mutated into a kind of cannibal beings, As if they were zombies. Joel, in this case, must protect the girl with all his might, because she is the only hope that humanity has to save itself from misfortune.

Pedro Pascal achieved world fame when he gave life to Oberyn martell in the series “Game of Thrones”, The successful HBO production that embraced the story of George R.R. Martin. The actor had been part of “Narcos”, “Wonder Woman”, Among other television productions.

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