The Last of Us series: new photos of the filming set, this is how its streets look

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The Last of Us series is still in full swing. With the pilot episode already concluded, HBO is preparing one of its biggest productions in different locations; one of them is Edmonton, Canada, which has been seen in new areas on the occasion of the filming of the first season. From HBOsTheLastofUs They have advanced the first images of the post-apocalyptic Boston that we could see in the original Naughty Dog video game.

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One of the messages even includes a video, recorded on the Rice Howard Way Edmonton. It should be said that these images have not been subjected to post-production processes, so the result leaves room for improvement and bring it closer to the vision of its authors. The chosen street reminds, as expected, the avenues of certain places from the first The Last of Us.

The Last of Us series is still in full swing; its Season 1 will have 10 episodes

Each of the episodes of The Last of Us series “exceeds eight figures”, as we learned months ago. It is expected that the shoot will finish around June 2022. “I cannot confirm the official budget in numbers, but I will say that it is surely the largest shoot that has been done in Canada,” said Damian Pett, president of the Canadian association IATSE 212 last July.

At the moment, we know that the cast includes actors and actresses such as Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Gabriel Luna, who will play Joel, Ellie and Tommy, respectively, along with others such as Nico Parker, Sarah Miller; plus Jeffrey Pierce, Murray Bartlett, and Con O’Neill as Perry, Bartlett, and Frank, respectively.

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The first season of The Last of Us series on HBO will have 10 episodes; all written and produced by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), accompanied by Neil Druckmann (who will also be one of the directors), the well-known video game director and co-chairman of Naughty Dog.

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