The Latest Android 14 Beta 3 Compatible Cell Phones

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Google Releases Android 14 Beta 3: New Features and Compatible Devices

After a short wait, Google has finally released Android 14 beta 3 with various features and surprises for users. Some of the most outstanding deliveries are the shortcuts on the home screen, the battery indicator, the increase in font size, and more.

Compatible Devices

It was revealed which mobile devices will be the only ones that will be able to install this update without problems. As pointed out from the Xataca website, the Google Pixels are the main smartphones that will use the beta. Here is the complete list of compatible devices:

– Pixel 4a with 5G
– Pixel 5
– Pixel 5a
– Pixel 6
– Pixel 6 Pro
– Pixel 6a
– Pixel 7
– Pixel 7 Pro
– Pixel 7a

Pros and Cons:

Remember that this new patch is still in its test mode, so it probably has some errors that will be corrected in later versions. In this sense, if you want to download this update, you must take into account its pros and cons.

Other Compatible Devices

At the moment, it is unknown which other mobile phones will also be able to use this version, so we will report each update in detail.

How to Restore an Android Cell Phone

If you want to restore your cell phone to how it came from the factory and do not fail in the process, you must first make a backup copy of your information. Next, unlink your Google account. To do this, go to “Settings”, followed by “Passwords and accounts”. Here, tap on your Google account and select “Remove account”.

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