The Latest Celebrity Accessories are Boats

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Chartering a private yacht is fast becoming one of the biggest leisure trends. Indeed the clearest sign that yacht breaks of this sort have really arrived is their adoption by celebrities.

Some of the top A-List stars of Hollywood are embracing the hot yacht hype, chartering these boats for glamorous parties and getaways. Increasingly, a vessel of this sort for relaxation away from the glare of publicity and paparazzi is the must-have accessory of the moment for the top names.

Of course most of these celebrities could easily afford to buy a fleet of luxury yachts if they wanted. So what is it about hiring boats that appeals to them so much?

Why Celebrities Love to Charter Boats

This could just be the sort of eccentric star behavior that sees the rich and famous visit flea markets. We should not be so quick to dismiss the celebrity preference for boat hiring though, as there are sound reasons for it.

  • A Temporary Option

Celebrities are not exactly known for sticking to one thing for a very long time. These are people who can have whatever they want and they often cannot make up their minds.

When they charter a boat they can return it before they get bored and choose a different one next time. By contrast, buying a boat is more of a commitment.

  • Privacy

This is probably the most compelling reason for the love of boats among celebrities. After all, they can escape to the world’s most luxurious hotels for their holiday breaks, but will almost certainly find the paparazzi waiting there for them.

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It is a lot harder for photographers to get to them when they are out on the ocean somewhere on a super yacht.

  • Something Special

If you are an A-list celebrity organizing a party for other top stars, you need to be able to deliver something a bit different. These are people accustomed to luxury.

A party with top class catering on board a super yacht in some exotic location will be impressive even to the high fliers of the superstar world.

  • Easy to organize

A party or holiday break on a chartered yacht is something that can be booked very quickly and easily. That adds to the appeal for stars with demanding and stressful schedules.

Who Are the Celebrity Yacht Lovers?

A number of prominent stars from the worlds of acting, music and sport like to spend time on chartered luxury yachts. These are just a few of them.

  • The Beckhams

Former soccer star David Beckham and his pop singer wife Victoria joined the ranks of famous boat fans some time ago. They have been seen partying with Elton John on a super yacht at Cannes, but are now rumored to have made the leap to buying their own.

  • Kendall Jenner

Star of various reality television shows and model Kendall Jenner opted to hire the Eleni super yacht last summer for a break. This 49.9-meter long vessel has Sea Bobs, jet skis and an inflatable slide on board, so we can be sure she did not get bored.

  • Robbie Williams

This UK pop singer is another celebrity who has discovered the pleasures of hiring a luxury yacht for a while. His was called Keyla and he took it to Turkey for a break from everything. 

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This sizeable vessel has five cabins and can take up to 10 people, plus any crew that are needed. 

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

The superstar footballer Ronaldo has joined the celebrity yacht club. However his routine is a little different from the average one.

He charters a different yacht every year to take him to Monaco, where he sits on board watching Formula One motor racing.

Not Just for the Stars

This is all very well for those who have fame and money, but yacht chartering is not just for the rich now. The appearance of online charter firm has changed things because it offers a simple and relatively cheap variety of luxury vessel hires.

Companies of this sort are offering boat charters in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. That includes sun-soaked tropical places like the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands.

Luxury boats in any of these locations can be booked very quickly and easily online, using the websites. That gives customers a whole world to choose from at the touch of a button, which is a bit different from old fashioned charter companies.

If you do not know very much about sailing you can book a vessel that has a crew on board, including a captain. On the other hand, if you have a lot of ocean experience, you can choose an empty boat. 

The chance to taste the celebrity lifestyle for a while by chartering a luxury yacht in an exotic and far flung part of the world is attractive to a lot of people. The demand for boat hires is increasing among the general population as well as among famous people.

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The celebrity trend towards boat charters for holidays and parties is very clear to see, but it may actually be part of the rising popularity of boats in general. Hiring a yacht for a few weeks or a couple of nights has never been easier or more affordable for ordinary people in search of fun.

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