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The Latest Features and Improvements in Windows 11’s Big Update

Microsoft’s Moment 3: What’s New in Windows 11

Microsoft continues to work diligently in providing users with new features and enhancements to its products. Today marks an important day for users, as Moment 3 is here, the new big update for Windows 11.

Moment is the name given to apps that bring big changes to Windows 11. However, as with all improvements, some changes are more significant than others, and we are going to shed some light on the latest additions.

CABC for Energy Saving

One of the significant improvements that come with Moment 3 is the implementation of Content-Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC). This feature cues the computer to adapt the screen’s brightness to what is being played, enabling the computer to save energy. Users with laptops, in particular, will appreciate the improvements in battery performance and longer device autonomy.

Microsoft Settings Improvements

In addition to the CABC features, Microsoft settings also boast essential improvements such as the addition of seconds to the taskbar clock, a VPN connection icon on the taskbar, and some other critical changes. These updates may be small, yet they play a significant role in enhancing the user’s experience.

Accessibility Improvements

The Redmond OS offers more dialects for Voice Access, making it easier for more users to navigate and use the OS with just their voice. Additionally, live subtitles will have more languages available for better accessibility.

Improvements for Devices with Presence Sensor

Windows 11’s virtual keyboard now comes with added features, alongside the improved use of presence sensors. Devices with such sensors now have the capability to turn on/off when it recognizes someone in front of it, although this feature is only available when privacy settings are enabled.

Get Moment 3 Now

To access all these new features and improvements, head to Windows Update settings and toggle ‘Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available’ to ‘On,’ and download the update immediately.

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