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The Latest Twitter Clone Now Available on Android for Seamless Sharing

Jack Dorsey’s New Venture, Bluesky, is Now Available on Android

Jack Dorsey hasn’t been idle since selling his social network to Elon Musk. He’s been working on a new service that takes everything he’s learned from creating Twitter for many years, and the result is Bluesky. The development of the new application has been going from strength to strength, with the company now releasing an Android version for everyone to test.

Bluesky: A Competitor to Twitter

Twitter is still the platform many people use to talk with others and share content briefly and quickly. However, changes have been reaching users of the platform, such as the arrival of 10,000 characters, which will only be possible for Twitter Blue subscribers who are willing to pay.

This is where Bluesky comes into play. It is a full-fledged Twitter rival that allows you to do practically the same things as on the web version, from sharing thoughts in short messages to multimedia content.

Testing Phases of Bluesky

When a new software product is released, it is expected to come out in the best condition with hardly any bugs. For this reason, it must go through numerous testing phases to detect any failures. It is best to limit the number of users on the platform during this testing period. Hence, currently, access to Bluesky is limited only to those who have received an invitation.

The Future of Bluesky

As the development process progresses, we will continue to see great progress in the Bluesky app. A wider release is expected once it passes through the testing phases successfully. It remains to be seen whether Bluesky will be as popular as Twitter or even more popular than the Twitter that Dorsey left in the hands of Elon Musk.

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