The Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus Red with Colorful Features

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Looking for a stable version of WhatsApp Plus? Many users have been facing constant banning of their accounts even after downloading several APKs that claim to be antiban. However, there is a solution – colorful WhatsApp Plus, the latest version of the APK that is surprising users with its ability to change the complete style of the messaging application.

Before downloading the third-party program, it is important to remember that it depends on each person’s preference. Also, be prepared to start from scratch as there is no guaranteed trick to recovering conversations after switching to colorful WhatsApp Plus.

To download colorful WhatsApp Plus, ensure that there is nothing related to WhatsApp on your smartphone, especially anything related to the Meta app. Click on the download link, enter your phone number and verification code, and then your name to set up the new messaging app. Once installed, go to Settings Plus, then Themes, and choose your preferred theme. Finally, configure it to your style, and you will have colorful WhatsApp Plus on your device.

To avoid getting banned by WhatsApp, it is important to disable all the exclusive functions that WhatsApp Plus offers. Go to Plus settings, then privacy and security, and turn off all the preconfigured functions. In the Universal settings, turn off all the activated options. If you have downloaded themes or skins, delete them and click on reset preferences. Also, change the color of the APK to its original state.

Before installing WhatsApp Plus, completely remove the official WhatsApp. If you want to restore your conversations, it is advisable to download the official version of WhatsApp before switching to WhatsApp Plus. Follow these steps to enjoy all the benefits of colorful WhatsApp Plus without getting banned from WhatsApp.

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