The Latin American country that listens the most to John Lennon

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A day like today, exactly 81 years ago, John Lennon was born in Liverpool. Popularly known for having been one of the four members who made up the British band The Beatles. Barely forty years later, Mark David Chapman He waited for him at the door of his house in New York and ended his life. But not with his legacy.

The British musician is one of the most listened to in the world, and his official account of Spotify He has more than 4.4 million followers. This, of course, involves listeners from Latin America who play some of their songs every month. Currently, the profile of John Lennon averages 8.8 million listens per month.

The top 5 audience in Latin America is made up of four countries. It is that, the one that leads the ranking also occupies the fifth place of the table thanks to another of its cities. It is about Mexico, which with 274 thousand listeners in Mexico City and 94 thousand in Guadalajara reaches 368 thousand monthly reproductions. The podium is completed by Santiago de Chile, with 166 thousand reproductions, and San Pablo, with 113 thousand.

What are the most listened to songs of John Lennon

The profile of Spotify of the former member of The Beatles It also allows you to see which are the musical themes with the highest number of reproductions on the platform. It is likely that the data will not surprise anyone, but “Imagine” It is the song that was heard the most times. With a total of 390 thousand clicks, it is the one that leads the top 5 of compositions of Lennon.

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The rest of the songs that are part of the ranking, combined with each other, do not reach the number of reproductions of “Imagine”. The topics that complete the top 5 are “Woman” (156 thousand), “Jealous Guy” (81 thousand), “Stand By Me” (66 thousand) and “Beautiful Boy” (37 thousand). The important fact is that all the versions that are most listened to are remastered.

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