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The least thought of feat: Duki and Tini Stoessel break it in the video for “2:50”

The artists then had a good wave on social networks. (Photo: Twitter / tinistoessel)

Taking advantage of the enormous repercussion it had “2:50″, MYA released a remix with two luxury collaborations: Duki Y Tini Stoessel. The participation of the urban artist and the pop singer surprised fans who did not imagine a cross between the explosive rhymes of the ragman and the sweetness of the former purple. However, this unlikely feat It has only garnered praise since it was released on YouTube – where it exceeded 300 thousand views in less than an hour.

Set in what appears to be an old hotel bar, the video clip shows the duo of Maximum Spindle Y Agustin Bernasconi, two ex Allies, dancing next to Duki Y Teen. “The best thing is to see them dancing,” said a user on Twitter.

Minutes after this long-awaited release, Stoessel shared her joy on an Instagram live where she was seen singing euphorically and repeating the steps she performed in the video. For his part, Duki asked his followers: “Are we breaking it or are we not breaking it?” Also, as a compliment to his colleague, he tweeted: “Call heaven an angel escaped you”.

Launched in September of last year, the original version of “2:50” exceeded 17 million views and it became one of the most listened to songs on digital platforms. This success allowed the Argentine duo to achieve international fame; a phenomenon that promises to grow after his collaboration with two of the artists of the moment.

“Sometimes we wish a song would be endless” “

In an interview with La Viola, Spinola Y Bernasconi They told how the quarantine affected them. Although it forced them to suspend several shows and massive events, it also became an ideal time to work on their songs. “Upstage is when we feel fulfilled and it is what we want to do all our lives. The only way to overcome all this is to stay at home, ”they assured.

In May 2020, the duo released the cut “One and a thousand times”, Which featured the voices of his friends Want y Ricky. “It’s the song that finally brought us together with them. We came in contact, every time we traveled to Miami or they were in Argentina, we crossed paths and we even shared the stage “, they highlighted in a statement.

Months later, they released the original version of “2:50”. “It is one of the themes that were born at this time and that from the beginning when we began to write it together with our brothers and producers of Mapache we already felt special”, they described.

And they added: “In this new single, which drives us crazy, we say that sometimes we wish a song was endless to keep dancing with that special someone. With a fresh sound and a rhythm that invites you to dance together ”.

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