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“The Legacy of an Iconic Leader: Exploring the Spectacular Heritage of Silvio Berlusconi”

Silvio Berlusconi was a prominent figure not only in Italy but also globally. He made a name for himself in both the economic and political fields, and his business achievements have landed him among the wealthiest men on the planet on several occasions. His vast heritage includes a multitude of companies, investments, and luxury properties in some of the world’s most prestigious locations, along with other assets such as art collections and ships. Berlusconi’s dynasty of heirs includes two ex-wives, five children, and 16 grandchildren, making his wealth and legacy extensive.

Real estate was a significant part of Berlusconi’s assets, and he owned numerous luxurious homes that can be broadly classified into two categories. The first category includes villas such as Villa Campari on Lake Maggiore, Villa Due Palme in Lampedusa, Villa Belvedere in Macherino, and Villa San Martino in Arcore, which were part of his personal estate. The second category includes properties owned through his company, Dolcedrago, such as Villa Lampara in Cannes, Villa Certosa and Villa Tattilio in Porto Rotondo, and Villa Zeffirelli in Rome.

Villa San Martino, located in Arcore, is considered the most famous of Berlusconi’s residences. It was built by the Casati Stampa marquises in the 18th century and sold to Berlusconi in 1973. Its worth was estimated at €285 million in the 1980s, including a vast park with stables, an art gallery, and a 10,000-volume library. Berlusconi built a personal mausoleum in the park where he intended to be laid to rest with his family and closest friends.

Villa Certosa, located in Porto Rotondo, became famous during Berlusconi’s prime years as he hosted illustrious figures such as Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair. The property has 126 rooms, a theater, a tower, a greenhouse, a gym, a thalassotherapy area, a medicinal garden, and a 120-hectare park. In January 2021, it was valued at €259 million.

Berlusconi also owned Palazzo Grazioli, a 16th-century villa located in the heart of Rome, where several dignitaries, including Vladimir Putin and George Clooney, had passed through while he was prime minister. However, in 2021, Berlusconi decided to move into his own villa on the Via Appia, which he bought from the director Franco Zeffirelli for €3 million.

Berlusconi’s assets were not limited to real estate. He also owned three ultra-luxury boats, namely the San Maurizio, Sweet Dragon boat, Magnum 70, and the sailboat Principessa vai via. He also created Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti (Asa), his airline, with a small fleet of corporate planes consisting of three jets and a helicopter.

In conclusion, Berlusconi’s wealth and legacy were vast. His properties comprised luxurious homes, art collections, boats, and an airline, among others. His real estate holdings were particularly extensive and included properties owned through both his personal estate and his company Dolcedrago. These properties are situated in some of the most prestigious locations worldwide and are adorned with numerous amenities and luxuries.

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