The Legal Battle for ‘All Life’ between Emmanuel and Franco: An Unresolved Lawsuit

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Emmanuel: The Music Industry Veteran

Emmanuel, a Mexican singer, has more than four decades of experience in the music industry. He is known for his romantic ballads that have touched the hearts of many. Emmanuel, along with the Cuban Franco, is an interpreter of one of the most revered songs of eighties pop, ‘Toda la vida.’

The Origin of ‘Toda la Vida’

The Spanish Luis Gómez-Escolar, the father of “music to iron”, adapted an Italian song, ‘Tutta la vita,’ by renowned singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla. Gómez-Escolar’s version of the song, ‘Toda la vida,’ swept Latin America with its romantic lyrics. The controversy began when it is not clear who first recorded the Italian cover of ‘Tutto la vita.’

The Controversy

Franco and Emmanuel’s versions of ‘Toda la vida’ spent three weeks on the Latin Billboard chart. Franco claims that ‘Toda la vida’ is his version of the song and it has sold a platinum record and more than five million copies. The Cuban refers to Emmanuel as one of his idols. Emmanuel maintained that he has no conflict with Franco and all the controversy is due to record labels that have disputed legitimate rights to the song. It is unclear who first recorded the song.

The Link with Lucio Dalla

Dalla collaborated with Emmanuel on his debut album, ‘En la Solitude.’ When Emmanuel recorded the Spanish version of Dalla’s song, Franco listened to it on a visit he made to Emmanuel in Miami.


Emmanuel and Franco’s interpretations of ‘Toda la vida’ have touched the hearts of many. Though there is a dispute about who first recorded the Spanish version of the Italian song, the song’s popularity remains unchanged.

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