The lemon celebrates its world day and Argentina stands out among the main producers

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The lemon celebrates its world day and Argentina stands out among the main producers

This Thursday the World Lemon Day, one of the most important foods that the country produces and a regional economy that generates hundreds of jobs, especially in the northern Argentina. In addition to being consumed in sweet and salty dishes, infusions and drinks, it is used to make ingredients such as essential oils, juices, pulps and peels, and is a component of many products such as flavoring, acidifying, gelling or flavoring.

“Argentina is one of the main lemon producers in the world, a noble, versatile fruit with great properties for well-being and health ”, explained the Citrus Association of the Argentine Northwest (Acnoa), the business chamber that brings together sectors specialized in production in the provinces of Catamarca, Jujuy, Salta and Tucumán.

The entity reported that according to the World Citrus Organization, the global platform based in Brussels, Belgium, which groups the citrus sector, the world production of lemons was six million tons in 2020, led by the European Union (EU), with 1,871,011 tons, while Argentina produced 1.471.000 and it was the main lemon processor in the world, with 70% of the global grind.

According to Acnoa, in the northern lands, located between 300 and 600 meters above sea level, they are cultivated the best lemons in the world. “This is not an exaggeration, this is how the most demanding markets classify us. Argentina is a leader in the world. Not only is it the one that commands the list of producers of fresh lemons, but it is also the most important player on the planet in derivative products with the production of juices, oil and dehydrated peel ”, they explained.

The harvest takes place between the months of April and September, a period in which they are marketed in Argentina and elsewhere. of 50 destinations such as the European Union, the Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, among others.

Properties and uses

The national citrus is certified by international standards, which guarantee the properties in terms of safety and quality, and have multiple uses in the food and beverage industry. Contains C vitamin which helps prevent infections and cardiovascular diseases and acts as a strengthener of the immune system, among other benefits.

The lemon is found present in jams, jellies, puddings, cakes and drinks, with and without alcohol; and, as an acidifier, in yogurt, cheese and sweets; pectin, which is extracted from its shell, is used as a gelling, thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing agent, for example in toothpaste; and its special extracts have multiple applications in the cosmetic and aesthetic and pharmaceutical industries.

On the other hand, lemon oil is used to flavor and flavor from powdered juices and soft drinks to inedible products such as detergent, perfumes, deodorants, cosmetic and cleaning products; and it can be used at home as a natural cleanser combined with vinegar.

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