The Life-Altering Party: Discover How One Event and Life-Changing Advice Revolutionized Everything

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Love has won for Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva

Gone are the setbacks and adversities they have faced, convulsive moments that have meant learning because they have overcome them together, hand in hand and guided by the deep faith that unites them.

The Marquise de Griñón and her partner look to the future with great enthusiasm, since on July 8 they are going to start a new stage as husband and wife. They count the hours until they get married in the El Rincón Palace (Aldea del Fresno), but when they look at each other, the same magic still exists in their eyes as the first day they saw each other, when none of them imagined that they would attend a friend’s birthday in common would change their lives forever.

Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva

In September 2020 their relationship officially began and only two months later the magazine HELLO! published the first images of the couple. Tamara was fascinated by Onieva’s positivity and dynamism, which was a torrent of joy for her in her most difficult stage, marked by the death of her father in the midst of a health crisis, the sudden loss of her brother-in-law Jaime Carvajal Hoyos in September and the death of his uncle Fernando Falcó in October. Since then they began to make more and more plans together, to enjoy common hobbies such as gastronomy and to record the time they shared through their public profiles. Family presentations, trips and coexistence also arrived.

Tamara and Íñigo: all the details of their emotional marriage proposal

Just two years after the beginning of their courtship, Tamara and Íñigo got engaged. A few hours after announcing this important step, the couple broke up. After an impasse of three months in which the businessman did not hide his desire to recover the aristocrat, the magic of Christmas made her reconciliation possible, and with it came the wedding plans again. There was a new request for a hand while they met the North Pole, where Onieva gave her a ring, and upon her return they began to devise her dream wedding. Now, six months later, all those preparations are about to materialize in three days of celebrations, emotions on the surface, surprises and tributes. Their wedding is the most anticipated event of the season and is the starting point for a new chapter in which they are clear that they will continue “dancing all their lives”. More than 400 guests will witness this important day for Tamara and Íñigo; that the readers of ¡HOLA! Enter, as one more guest, in the link of the year. She discovers all the details, feels the emotion, vibrates with the surprises and gets inspired by the most elegant looks that will set trends. And it is that only in our magazine you will get, exclusively, all the details and secrets in a unique and special edition that will go on sale next Monday, July 10. As of this day you will be able to find this unique issue at your nearest kiosk, which will also be available in an online version only for ¡HOLA!+ subscribers. If you are not yet a subscriber to our magazine, we invite you to discover the plan that best suits you. adapt to you; and, if you prefer, you also have the option of receiving your ¡HOLA! in printed version at your home.

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