The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Details

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1

The Lincoln Lawyer has been in theatres in the United States for almost ten years. Fans of Michael Connelly’s iconic crime thriller will be able to witness the plot develop once again a decade later when Netflix converts it into an Original series. We’ll keep you up to speed on The Lincoln Lawyer’s narrative, casting news, product developments, and Netflix premiere date.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a new Netflix Original criminal drama series based on author Michael Connelly’s book of the same name.

The show was set to premiere on CBS. However, it was canceled before it could air. Netflix is said to be taking up the production in September 2020. A+E Studios later sued ViacomCBS for canceling the series in the summer of 2021.

In January 2021, Netflix announced the series, promising to “dish up the intricate and cryptic narratives viewers know and love with a blend of light-hearted comedy.” “I’m pleased to call Netflix our home,” Connelly said. And I’m thrilled to present this rich, multidimensional narrative full of interesting characters and secrets to millions of people across the globe — both old and new fans.”

This isn’t the first time Michael Connelly’s books have been adapted for the big screen. You may recall that Lionsgate released their rendition of the film in 2011. The film had a $40 million budget and allegedly made just about $90 million at the box office. A+E Studios is producing Connelly’s courtroom drama, with Ted Humphrey serving as showrunner, executive producer, and one of the writers. Humphrey is most recognised for his work on CBS’s The Good Wife and Syfy’s Incorporated.

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Ross Fineman will also act as an executive producer on the project, as will David E. Kelly, who will also serve as a writer and executive producer.

It’s worth mentioning that Connelly is actively participating in the show. He was engaged in many elements of the programme, including co-writing the last episode with Humphrey and being present on set regularly. In season 1, Erin Feeley and Alonso Alvarez both direct two episodes.

Who’s In The Cast Of The Lincoln Lawyer?

As defence attorney Mickey Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer himself, Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo leads the cast of The Lincoln Lawyer. Garcia-Ruflo is most remembered for his roles in The Magnificent Seven, Murder on the Orient Express, and Cake as Vasquez, Biniamino Marquez, and Arturo.

He has also played Narisco Mendez in the television series From Dusk to Dawn: The Series and Gabriel Ortega in the television series Goliath. House of Cards actress Neve Campbell plays Maggie McPherson, Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton plays Lorna, My Wife and Kids’ Jazz Raycole plays Izzy, Fargo’s Angus Sampson plays Cisco, and Covert Affairs’ Christopher Gorham plays Trevor Elliot in The Lincoln Lawyer.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Plot And Season 1 Ending

Before we go into probable season 2 storylines for The Lincoln Lawyer, let’s go over what occurred in season 1. It wrapped up various loose ends for Mickey, Maggie, Lorna, and Cisco while also introducing new ones.

Trevor Elliott, a video game mogul suspected of killing his wife and her yoga teacher lover Jan, is the leading case of Season 1. He was judged not guilty, but it was later revealed that he was the one who carried out the crime and duped Mickey and the jury. Glenn McSweeney, who was installed as Juror No. 7 in the Trevor Elliott case, attacks Mickey in the finals. Trevor was confronted, but he maintained he had nothing to do with the hit. Carol DuBois, a relative of Jan’s, nevertheless shots and kills Trevor.

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In the other significant case, Mickey successfully has Jesus Menendez, a previous client who was wrongfully convicted of murder, exonerated. He can show that Detective Lankford obstructed a critical witness’ testimony.

On top of that, Mickey knits together the puzzle of who murdered Jerry Vincent, his buddy who left him the practice. Judge Holder reveals revealed to be the culprit! Jerry had worked out that she was operating a jury-rigging side business. Mickey has her taken into custody.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s case against human trafficker Angelo Soto implodes due to newly-exposed crooked officer Lankford’s evidence. Cardone even dismisses her from her job. On the other hand, she goes above and above his expectations and refers the case to federal authorities.

On the other hand, Cisco pays a visit to Teddy, the commander of the Road Saints motorcycle group, to insist on paying his obligations rather than allowing Mickey to settle them. Teddy offers him a bargain, which is almost certainly unlawful.

According to Netflix, season 2 will be based on Michael Connelly’s book The Fifth Witness. Mickey represents a lady accused of killing a very tall man, even though her diminutive height contradicts the forensic findings. To destroy the case, he attempts to encourage a witness to take the Fifth Amendment, therefore casting doubt in the jurors’ minds.

Connelly fans looking for an appearance from him would be disappointed. Harry Bosch, Mickey’s half-brother, will not be joining The Lincoln Lawyer. Connelly has already said that the detective-turned-PI protagonist of Amazon’s Prime Video series Bosch and Freevee’s Bosch: Legacy would not be returning.

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