The Lion King: everything that is known about the prequel with Mufasa as the protagonist

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When reviewing the list of highest grossing movies from the history of cinema, a repeated name can be seen with the naked eye. It is not a mistake of those who keep the account, but they are two versions of the same plot. And both they broke records. Is about The Lion King, that animated film premiered in 1994 from the hand of Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Rob Minkof, which was positioned at number 30 in the ranking. However, a new version arrived in 2019 by way of live action and under the direction of Jon favreau. This bet today ranks seventh on the list.

What usually happens when a movie does so well? First of all, as was the case with The Lion King, you think of a live action that preserves the original story but improves the technical aspects and in this way reaches new generations. Disney did it and it was more than good: after investing 260 million dollars, raised 1,656 million. In this way, the company set out to advance to the next level: a continuation of the story.

And although the easy thing was to wait for a new installment as a sequel, as was done in 1998 with The Lion King 2: Simba’s Kingdom and in 2004 with The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata, this time the study chose a different path: a prequel that has as protagonist Mufasa. For that, the hyper-realistic style that the film took with its remake of three years ago will be followed. Likewise, it was confirmed that the director will be Barry Jenkins, responsible for productions such as Moonlight, winner of the Oscar award 2017.

In 1994, The Lion King was released and from that moment sequels and live action (Disney) were made.

At this time, Disney has not confirmed the release date of this film that seeks to have a reception from the public and critics similar to what happened with the first of these new versions. And although there are no details about what will happen in this film that has the lions as main characters, it did transpire that it will be based on the origins of Mufasa and its relationship with Scar.

For that, the study has already chosen two of the actors who will put their voices. In the shoes of Simba’s father, he will be Aaron Pierre, which was showcased this year in the movie Old and in the Amazon Prime Video series called The Underground Railroad. For its part, Kelvin Harrison Jr. -which appeared recently in The Trial of the Chicago 7– will play young Scar. If you haven’t seen the previous versions of the film yet, they are all available to enjoy on Disney+ at no additional cost.

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