The Little Mermaid: Discover the Exceptional Detail that Surpasses the Classic Tale

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Hailey Bailey’s Impressive Portrayal of Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Disney’s latest live-action film, The Little Mermaid, stars Hailey Bailey as Ariel. The adaptation of the beloved 1989 classic was a daunting task, but the remake manages to improve on the original in a significant way.

Adapting a film with talking animals, musical numbers, or aquatic sequences to realistic terrain can be challenging. The first trailers for The Little Mermaid gave the impression that the film would be a straight copy of the original. However, the adaptation exceeds expectations, particularly regarding the musical numbers, as seen in Hailey Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel.

In the 1989 classic, the lyrics of the songs focused on vocal brilliance and the emotions behind the lyrics. However, since the film was animated, the character’s emotions weren’t as visible. In the remake, Hailey Bailey’s remarkable performance of the songs, particularly “Part of Your World,” elevates the classic. The emotion conveyed through her facial expressions and vocals is a significant improvement.

Although “Poor Souls in Sorrows” remains unchanged, Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Ursula adds a new level of depth to the character. The remake’s new songs are not all hits; some sound out of place, such as the rap rhythms by Lin Manuel Miranda. However, the songs that recreate the feeling of “Part of Your World” give the film a unique touch.

The Little Mermaid remake introduces slight changes to the story, making it more organic and improving on the classic. It’s not a perfect film; the underwater CGI is questionable and some musical numbers, such as “Under the Sea,” don’t translate well to live-action. However, it manages to retain the magic of the original while elevating it with human emotions.

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Overall, The Little Mermaid is a worthwhile remake that most of Disney’s live-action films haven’t been able to achieve. The film’s passion and human feeling set it apart, proving that the remake was a success.

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