The long-awaited trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has arrived

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The Matrix Resurrections today presented its new trailer with a completely renewed cast. The only familiar faces are those of Keanu Reeves What Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss What Trinity. The new images reveal the characteristics that made the saga a true classic: details such as the black cat that means a bug within the matrix or the rabbit tattoo that is the preamble to the revelation of the horrible truth behind the sensation. that has the protagonist were present.

It seems that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will replace Laurence Fishburne as the mentor of Neo. Is about Morpheus or is it a totally new character? The action sequences we saw in the trailer are impressive and take 100% of the new technical capabilities of the industry since the last entry in the series. The director Lana Wachowski He has something very special in store for fans of this story.

Neo and Trintity are back to free us from the Matrix!

A character that draws a lot of attention is the psychologist who plays Neil Patrick Harris. The professional seems to have a lot to hide. Will it be one of the different tools of the machines to keep the power of the chosen one within their control? Neo He asks if he is crazy and the psychologist assures him that the word is not used in that place.

The sequence in which they meet again is also highlighted Neo and Trinity. They seem to remember something, a distant memory, about lived events, but buried in a place in their minds to which they have no access. Surely when they free themselves from the matrix they will be able to resume their relationship and the leadership of a movement that wants to free humanity from the machines.

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In the preview you can see the fields where human babies are harvested to keep the machines running. An image that always impresses, from the first film of the franchise. It remains to be seen what happened to the apparent peace that was achieved at the end of Matrix Revolutions and how is that Neo He returned to the simulation as a man tamed by the system, ready to choose the blue pill over the red one …

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