The look of footballers: less jogging and more luxury suits

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Is football condemned to jogging? Absolutely: the dress suit a hole has been made in the changing rooms. A fashion that is beneficial both for the clubs, thus reinforcing their “status”, and for their costumers, who achieve visibility.

Winning the European Championship yes, but with style: Italy gave a touch of elegance to the continental title achieved last July. He did it with the Emporio Armani suit who accompanied the national team throughout the competition except, of course, on the field of play.

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Dior seen at PSG

The look of the Italian internationals surprised and even provoked some ironic reactions on social networks. The truth is more and more teams and national teams are catching up, in a sport in which the stars shine both on the courts and in the fashion pages of magazines.

In September, the Paris SG announced an agreement collaboration for two years with Dior, which three months later chose Kylian Mbappé as the symbol of the brand. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, their European rivals, wear Hugo Boss, while Moncler He has been with Inter Milan since December.

Soccer players and influencers

The arrival of footballers at the stadium, on match days at home – when traveling, clubs prioritize jogging, which is more practical – has become a impromptu fashion show.

“What brands are looking for is the side ‘influence‘. Young and handsome athletes, often the latest in fashion, are showcases for them ”, highlights Virgile Caillet, general delegate of the Sport & Cycle Union, the French employers’ association that brings together the main companies of the sports and leisure industry.

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In the League 1, the French brand Izac dresses the champion Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Saint Etienne and Metz. “We are still following a development plan,” his commercial address assures AFP. According to this brand, the image of the footballer in jogging it is changing “completely”.

As with the game jerseys, clubs try to take care of their image when choosing their official uniform. Izac explains that the clubs go once a year to show-room where they have all their collections, for them to choose the wardrobe they want to wear for a season.

Whether it is a suit or a more casual style, these clothes are also for sale to the general public. It has already happened that a Marseille fan buys the same suit that the players of the club of his love wear for his wedding … and even asks that the team crest be embroidered on his jacket to look as much like the footballers as possible.

However, Dior’s collection for PSG is not in their stores… for the moment. “It takes time to deepen that cooperation,” explains Fabien Allègre, director of brand diversification and merchandising from the Parisian club.

PSG, the most fashionista club

Dressed in the past by Berluti and later by Hugo Boss, PSG has added the prestigious Parisian haute couture house to its catalog. It also includes the products of “Jordan Brand” (Nike brand) for all sportswear.

The club of Messi, Neymar and Mbappé He is the only one in football to sport the “Jumpman” logo. It does so in order to address “a wider set of fans”, not just football, says Allègre.

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“PSG is often there where they are not expected, but always in a thoughtful way, with the desire to be consistent with our brand strategy. The PSG and Dior are the same passion for Paris, the alliance between two houses of excellence ”, he adds.

The dressing room helps to take care of “the status of the club”, confirms Virgile Caillet. “For a coach, his clothes unconsciously condition the credibility he has,” he concludes.

Dress better to earn more? At least for the clubs it’s worth a try.

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