The Lord of The Rings series’ biggest change from the movies

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Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien are anxious for the arrival of September 2022. It is that, the second day of that month will be the debut of the long-awaited series of The Lord of the rings where he has been working for several years Amazon Prime Video. Deadline confirmed an important change in this production with respect to the trilogy of films made by Peter Jackson.

Featuring principal photography from the first season of the series The Lord of the rings Once completed, plans for the second installment began to be outlined. In the coming weeks, the pre-production stage of the show will begin, which announced that it will move its workplace from New Zealand to the United Kingdom.

It is not yet clear in which sector of the European region the second installment of the series of the work of Tolkien, but this makes a big difference with what has been done by Jackson. The New Zealand filmmaker recorded the entirety of his trilogy in the country of Oceania. All sets will be moved to England, where Amazon began to hire the stages in which the sets will be located.

From the production they thanked the government of New Zealand for the support and the reason for the move would be linked both to the possibility of exploring other scenarios, closer to those that Tolkien, of British origin, described in his work, as to the comfort for the producers and managers who make the decisions in relation to the show.

The first official image of the series was shared on August 2. (The Lord of the Rings on Prime)

Is that, because of the pandemic, New Zealand closed its borders and managers were not able to travel periodically to control the state of production of The Lord of the rings. In addition, the actors involved spent nearly two years on the continent without being able to visit their families and loved ones.

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The production designer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy doesn’t think they can top what they did

Beyond the budget close to 465 million dollars invested in the first season of The Lord of the rings, for the production designer of the films made by Peter Jackson, Grant Major, they won’t be able to do better than what they did with the feature films he headlined Elijah Wood. “I don’t think they can surpass what we did between 200 and 2002. But for me they have to leave it alone,” he said.

Amazon Prime Video The Lord of the Rings Tolkien Series

On March 24, the series’ official account wished fans a happy Tolkien reading day. (Lord of the Rings on Prime)

The director said that the series shot in the city where he lives. In this sense, he assured that he believed that the production had contacted him to join, although that ultimately did not prosper because they knew that he was not interested.

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