The Lord of the Skies 8: Telemundo’s Ending Explanation

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“El Señor de los Cielos” Season 8 Comes to an End

The eighth season of “El Señor de los Cielos”, a successful Telemundo series starring Rafael Amaya, came to an end on Monday, May 22, 2023 with a two-hour episode and with the promise of a ninth installment, which will continue with the story of Aurelio Casillas and his family.

What to Expect in the Next Installment

In the first episodes of the new installment, it is revealed how the leader of the Casillas clan survived and where he was for almost a year. After escaping from Tracy Lobo and experimenting on her, Aurelio met with his family to join forces and avenge the death of Doña Alba and Rutila. But Tracy Lobo and the DEA are not the only ones after the Casillas.

Julio Zambrano, the half-brother of Aurelio’s ex-father-in-law, wants to destroy the Casillas, so he hired El Cabo and trained Fernando Aguirre, a well-known businessman in the pharmaceutical industry, to get close to that family and destroy them.

What Happened in the End of Season 8?

Throughout the eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies”, the protagonists made different moves to ensure their victory, but in the process they lost two important members of their team: Corina Saldana and Super Javi. But in the last chapter, the Casillas assemble all their artillery to attack Don Julio’s ranch.

In episode 88, Rosario gives Fernando the evidence that Julio Zambrano caused the death of his parents, so the businessman decides to betray him and deliver it to the Casillas family in exchange for not prosecuting him for defrauding Rutila, Diana Ahumada and Ismael’s partner.

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Meanwhile, Mecha de la Cruz is illegally arrested by the DEA, who wants to use her to catch “The Lord of the Skies”. Fernando confronts Don Julio for the murder of his parents, for lying to him all his life and for using him in his revenge.

What does the end of season 8 mean?

Facing his imminent fall, Don Julio decides to free Tracy Lobo to face Aurelio Casillas, who, together with La Felina and his men, manages to enter the ranch without problems. While “The Lord of the Skies” goes in search of his enemy, La Felina remains in Fernando’s care.

Angel appears to help Fernando, but dies after sending a pirate mail. The businessman takes advantage of the disturbance to escape. Meanwhile, Rutila manages to stop Aguirre’s accomplices and destroy her company.

Tracy requests reinforcements, but before her confirmation, Aurelio appears and kills her. Shortly after, he strangled Julio Zambrano and finally got rid of his enemies, at least the main ones.

At the end of season 8 of “El señor de los cielos”, Colón and Castillo resign and help Mercedes escape, El Turco is arrested and extradited to the United States, La Felina finds her son, but prefers to keep him away and safe, it is revealed that Fernando is a serial killer and Dalila turns to the Casillas women to lock him up.

Also, Meche is reunited with her children, Laura becomes separates from Ismael and Diana goes to New York. Although Aurelio becomes involved with another woman, Meche returns to give birth to her daughter in Mexico, and when Casillas meets with the president and other important people a bomb explodes in the church, while a hand is shown. Is it Fernando?

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