“The Lord of the Skies”: what happened to Rafael Amaya after malicious rumor

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Rafael Amaya, internationally recognized for starring in “The Lord of the Skies”, has been talked about in recent months and has been in the midst of controversy. Since his reappearance on the public scene in early December 2020, after three years of being away from acting due to his drug addiction, the Mexican actor has been the center of attention and no detail has gone unnoticed by his fans. And the media.

As it is remembered, it was at the end of 2020 when 44-year-old actor He reappeared after a long silence and confessed that he had hit rock bottom due to his addiction to alcohol and drugs. In addition, Amaya announced that he had entered the Julio César Chávez rehabilitation clinic, who has helped him get ahead to get his life back.

Since his return to the public scene, much has been said about Rafael Amaya, especially on social networks, where the rumor of his possible suicide began to circulate. Users began a discussion about the causes that would have led the actor to make this decision, however none confirmed or denied this information that became a trend.

became a trend on Twitter after a rumor about her possible suicide began to circulate. From then on, his fans and users of this social network began a debate about the 44-year-old actor and the speculations surrounding his personal and professional life.

“What Rafael Amaya, did he kill himself ??? God willing and it’s just a rumor… ”was one of the tweets about the possible suicide of the actor who gave life to Aurelio Casillas in the Telemundo series“ El Señor de los Cielos ”. Many made evident their concern about the interpreter’s state of health and the possible causes that would have led him to make this terrible decision.

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However, in the debate some people who did not know Amaya also spoke and asked who she was or what she did. With all this rain of information, more doubts arose than answers, so the rumor continued to circulate without foundation.

Marco Antonio Silva, one of the best-known show hosts on the Telemundo network, came out to deny this rumor and called the people who circulated this information as “bad entrails.”

“#Telemundo denies that #rafaelamaya took his own life as mentioned in some social networks. Executives of the television station regret that there are people with such a bad heart, “he wrote on his Twitter account about Rafael Amaya.

Another character who also denied this fake news was Dael Quiroz, who from his YouTube channel Arguende Tv assured that Telemundo sent a statement to clarify the situation that has once again put the 44-year-old actor in the eye of the storm.

“Telemundo is sending a statement denying the death of Rafael Amaya, and it is that, according to the statement, on social networks, specifically on Twitter, an apparent suicide of the protagonist of ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ was being handled,” he said.

In addition, he urged his followers to remain calm and affirmed that this television station is the one that is aware of the personal and health situation of Rafael Amaya.

Finally, some Twitter users pointed out that rumors spread every day about the alleged deaths of famous actors and asked not to believe in any rumor until some official media, the family or the protagonist himself provide the full version.

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