The Lost actor who confessed to breaking the series’ confidentiality agreement

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Lost It ended eleven years ago but the debate is still going on. There are those who hate the series because of the ending it had and the lack of answers they gave Damon Lindelof and J.J. AbramsWhile others love the tour he gave away throughout his six seasons. The truth is that not everyone immediately connected with the series of ABC and some viewers never enjoyed its episodes, but the level of fanaticism the show aroused made the secrets very difficult to keep.

As is often the case with weighty fictions, not to mention when Marvel, Star Wars O Disney it is, the people involved sign confidentiality agreements. They are documents so strict that many times they interfere in the interviews that they can give and make them stay with their heads all the time whether or not they are going to break with the agreed agreement, because of a statement taken out of context.

One of the artists who was part of Lost it was Jon Gries, who for six episodes played Roger Linus. His character was the father of Ben Linus, who was initially featured as the main villain and the leader of the others, until later it was discovered that he did not really know all the secrets of the island (although he did know a few). “I never watched the series, I didn’t know anything about the series”, assured Gries in an interview with Realpolitik.

Roger was killed by his own son on Lost. (IMDb)

In this context, she revealed that, to build her character, she had to talk to her partner at the time, who was a true fan of the series. “They sent me the script and I didn’t understand who was who or what was going on, she asked me to read it. He was in the next room, shocked. I probably broke the confidentiality agreement that I had signed when I accepted the role “, highlighted Gries. However, it was justified: “I needed someone to help me, I was leaving in three days and I couldn’t see Lost. She explained what the premise was from start to finish. So I was aware when I arrived, enough not to be embarrassed. “.

His time at The White Lotus

Jon Gries, To who Napoleon Dynamite It changed his life, when he was about to retire from acting, he was in one of the series of the moment. The actor was in charge of playing Greg on The White Lotus, the incredible series of HBO Max about a first-rate hotel in Hawaii, attended by the richest families in the United States. The actor chatted with Spoiler about how this incredible experience was and what stood out the most about the show that will have a second installment.

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“Wherever I go, people stop me to talk about this. That didn’t even happen to me with Napoleon Dynamite, he counted Gries. In addition, he pointed out that what makes the series stand out is that “It’s dark, no doubt, but it makes you laugh, it makes you uncomfortable”. When thinking about how to build your character, Jon He assured that he experienced it as a government employee who cannot pay for accommodation like this on a daily basis: “For him it is on his to-do list. I prepared it as if it were something he wanted to do all his life as an adult, stay in a very nice hotel in Maui and go fishing “, he stressed.

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