The love story between a slim influencer and an overweight actor that generates disbelief on social networks

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Over the years they have always said that for love there is no barrier when the two people love each other and in social networks It seems that a couple based in United Kingdom has verified this statement because, despite everything that is said about the two due to their difference in size, they are truly in love, together and prefer to ignore those viral comments attacking them.

George Keywood and Sienna Keera They are the protagonists of this romantic story that has become viral on TikTok. He is an obviously overweight actor while she is a well-known influencer who is often shown on social platforms wearing tight clothes and showing off her silhouette. That is to say, the complete opposite of her husband.

However, those differences did not separate them or mean an obstacle to falling in love. Keera, a native of Australia, left everything to meet in the United Kingdom with her lover, whom she had met through Instagram.

After a while, both of them continued to advance in their relationship, they got married and, as a result of their love, they had a baby, whom they now take care of in the privacy of their home and with the same affection that they have for each other.

Although everything seems like a fairy tale for this couple, they have also been forced to endure a series of negative comments, criticism and others for their relationship. In the same way, there are many who have stated with confidence that this love is not true and that they only do it to show themselves like this and get followers on social networks.

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As if that were not enough, there are several users who qualify Sienna Keera as an interested woman who only married George Keywood for the money she could have as a result of her acting work.

They have tried to respond in a certain way to those comments, but they do not focus all their efforts on it because it would not make sense to give high priority to some people who attack them. “She likes fat people like me”said the actor in one of his videos.

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