The main news of Football Manager 2022 for this season

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Year after year and with a competition practically disappeared, Football Manager returns to the field looking for what to improve from the almost infinite aspects already covered by a simulator that is more than just a game for all those with an interest in it. professional world of the beautiful sport. Its monumental database, its true treasure of the crown, allows you to have one of the most complex bases on which to work in order to achieve the best sports management simulator possible, taking into account that there are always multiple elements in which you can do better and there is only one year between edition and edition (a common problem in iterative sagas).

The colossal work of data collection and processing accumulated by the series, a living work that remains constant over time, is the basis of one of the most striking novelties of this season, a new data center that focuses on a discipline in vogue within the world of football, detailed data analysis to establish what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved. That constant effort to apply the coldness of science to the chaos of football in order to put the genie in the lamp (and win games).

The analysis, management and comparison of data is a constant among the great fans to sport, a dance of figures that must be interpreted in order to obtain a conclusive reading of the path that your team has to follow. The new data area will allow us to spend vast amounts of time examining data, from the most obvious to the most insignificant. Want to know how many air balls your defense hunts compared to the rest of the league? Number of shots on goal compared to the best in the world? Kilometers traveled? area of ​​influence? All the possible data of each player on your team will be available so that you have the best tools to decide throughout the competition.

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A complex machinery

One aspect that has been influenced in this version is in a new centralized management system for the different departments under our command. Based on the usual practice in professional teams of having a large regular meeting between the entire technical team, these meetings will allow us to have concentrated information from the different areas and to be able to address short and long-term objectives with our players, supervise suggestions from the team of scouts, tackling possible problems with training or contracts, evaluating the medical area and other aspects that will come to us in the form of concrete suggestions that we can accept, postpone, ignore or reject as ultimately responsible for the team’s progress. Of course, we can manage all these areas also in their corresponding areas, although this new system gives an air of realism to the day to day.

The excitement of the signings

Apart from improving the artificial intelligence of the negotiation of contracts and transfers, with its countless clauses and modifiers, for the 2022 edition a colorful display system has been implemented that tries to convey the emotion and media electricity of the last day of the transfer window. , with new elements that will allow us to inform (or be protagonists) of those last hours of Tic-Toc, of nerves and of being aware of social networks to know if the dream signing takes place or not.

Match Engine, the beginning of something new?

It is no secret that the Match viewing is the great workhorse of Football Manager lifelong. From purely text descriptions to dancing circles to what we have today, it has taken a lot of rain, but given the complexity of the game, translating all of that into a realistic and exciting match visualizer has proven to be extremely complex and an ever-improving process. within the British studio.

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The new edition has as one of its most attractive elements a viewing system armed with a new animation engine and a multitude of adjustments that seek a more natural movement of the players and the flow of the ball. Nothing gets more out of paper in Football Manager than seeing how your careful tactics and virtuous sports management translate into ridiculous goals and impossible moves. The first impressions after a few hours with the Alpha is that, indeed, the new viewing system seems more solid and it may be the beginning of a new era for the saga, or at least a solid foundation to achieve ambitious goals in the future in the short and long term.

A promising delivery

There are still a few weeks until that November 9 announced as the release date of this edition and in this Alpha that we have played there are still quite a few things that are being tweaked and that will continue to be polished post-launch, but the impressions are good and the changes in the visualization of the matches can be a great addition for the future of the saga. We have many hours left to lead the team of our people to win the Champions League before we can better evaluate what this delivery offers, but we are left with an unquestionable good taste in our mouths that we hope will be confirmed in due course.


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