The maker of black cases for PS5 ceases its activity after legal threats from Sony

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Sony continues to take action against manufacturers who design and market their own interchangeable housings for PS5 without your permission. So much so, that there are not a few entrepreneurs who have wanted to contribute their ideas to the business of interchangeable covers for PlayStation 5, something that Sony does not offer at the moment; and as has happened previously, Sony has threatened to undertake legal actions against those responsible for this type of product, on this occasion, against Dbrand, which manufactures and sells unofficial black housings for PS5.

The business of unofficial cases for PS5

And it is that the Dbrand brand already announced at the beginning of the year that it would start the production of its own black cases for PS5, not without launching a challenging message to Sony about the possibility of being sued. Said and done; Sony has threatened Dbrand with legal action, as recorded The Verge, accusing the Canadian company of carcasses of various trademark infringement, requesting a “rapid and permanent cessation” of its activity related to the business of interchangeable PS5 cases.

To all this, Sony adds that it can claim precautionary measures from the housing firm, the destruction of illegal material, the proceeds from those sales and even a additional compensation for damages. Dbrand has been quick to respond to Sony with “the consumer’s right to customize their hardware with aftermarket components,” halting production and withdrawing their products from sale, not without adding a “we’ll talk soon.”

“We have chosen to give in to terrorist demands … for now,” Dbrand writes in a post on Reddit explaining the situation and wishing Sony worst of luck, so to speak. In the past, Sony has already taken legal action against other manufacturers of cases for PS5, preventing their commercialization because they are not official products of the Japanese brand.

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