The Mana saga expands: new mobile game, anime and more announcements

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The Mana saga (Seiken Densetsu) goes big inside Square Enix. The Japanese company has confirmed during the event celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the series that they have a new video game in development for consoles, which would be the fifth in the family; but there is more. In parallel, the team led by Masaru Oyamada details three other announcements: Echoes of Mana, a game for iOS and Android mobile devices; a animation series from Legend of Mana; and the reissue of Trials of Mana for iOS and Android mobiles.

According to information shared by Square Enix, device users iOS (App Store; iPhone, iPad) y Android they will be able to play Trials of Mana starting July 15 for $ 24. The remake has managed to exceed one million copies sold worldwide. There will be different graphic options, saving starting in the cloud and controls adapted to a touch interface.

For its part, WFS is working on Echoes of Mana, the action RPG series derived from Mana, for iOS and Android mobile devices. It will come in the form of free to play localized to English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese and Korean in 2020. It will not be released in Spanish. You can choose two protagonists, it will have its own story and classic characters. They expect it to be easy to play, with simple controls. There will be integrated purchases.

To end, Legend of Mana: Teardrop Crystal is the name of the animated series produced by Warner Bros. Japan and encouraged by Graphinica in collaboration with Yokohama Animation Lab. It does not have a release date, but the project will be based on the artistic conception of the recent 2D remake of the homonymous title. More details coming soon.

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The evolution of the Mana saga in just a few years

The expansion of the Mana saga has been simmering for the past five years. It all started with the remake of Secret of Mana, the most representative Western installment of the series for its role on SNES.

The result was not optimal, but Square Enix managed to reverse popular opinion with the work done with Collection of Mana, a collection with the first three deliveries located in the West (Mystic Quest from Game Boy, Secret of Mana from SNES and Trials of Mana from PlayStation), which allowed us to play the original Trials of Mana for the first time in Spanish. Then came the proper three-dimensional remake of Trials of Mana. Finally, a few days ago Legend of Mana was published in the form of a 2D remake.

Source | Gematsu; Square Enix Japan


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