The Mandalorian: Disney + asked to CANCEL Gina Carano after ‘Nazi’ comment

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The actress Gina Carano is the center of controversy between fans of Star Wars and its hit series The Mandalorian produced by Disney+ after having made comments on networks that equated the current state of American politics with the climate of Nazi Germany.

The controversial comment was posted by Carano on her Instagram stories where the actress from The Mandalorian He assured that the current conflict of political opinions is similar to the climate of hatred that the Nazi party fostered among the Germans in order for them to denounce the Jews among themselves.

Another image of the stories published by the actress of The Mandalorian shows a person wearing so many face masks that they cover his face and part of his head along with the message: “Meanwhile in California”, an ironic remark that many of the users of the Disney+.

This is how the hashtag #Fire began to be a trend on Twitter.GinaCarano in posts tagging Disney+, Star Wars and Lucasfilm asking to come out of the actress from the series The Mandalorian.

So far neither the representatives of Carano nor Disney has issued a statement on the facts, however this is not the first time that the actress of The Mandalorian has been involved in a controversy over her statements.

In November 2020 Gina Carano was designated as transphobic after stating that her preferred pronoun was ‘beep / bop / boop’, something that she later removed after stating that her partner The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal made him understand why it could be seen as an incitement to bullying against people in the community.

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Similarly Carano has shared information considered false about the use of face masks and US electoral fraud which has caused applications to rain Disney+ to remove it from The Mandalorian. On The Truth News We will closely follow the controversy surrounding this former MMA fighter and actress to bring you the latest.

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