The market expects international tourists to overtake Spanish tourists in October

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The 52.46% of travelers who arrive in Spanish hotels in October will be foreigners, a figure that will reach 72% in early 2022, so they will exceed the number of Spanish guests for the first time in the pandemic, according to the ‘World Hotel Index’ by SiteMinder. In previous months, international guests represented only 29.1% of hotel arrivals in Spain in May and 39.34% in August.

The report reveals that Spain could be entering the last phase of the “Resetting hotel reservations”, a process identified by SiteMinder through which a market goes through five stages of recovery before returning to a sense of normalcy.

Hotel reservations on SiteMinder returned to pre-pandemic levels on June 29, 2021 and, since then, have remained close to or above the figures for the same dates in 2019. A fact that highlights the ‘World Hotel Index’ it is the equitable distribution of tourism, which is not only concentrated in a few geographic areas, but is distributed throughout the country.

Although coastal destinations continue to show the best evolution, hotel reservations in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona also show an important evolution, reaching 96.14% and 95.17% of the 2019 levels respectively,

“These data show that the recovery of travel in Spain has become increasingly diversified in geographical terms, and is not limited to a handful of destinations,” he added. Regarding advance reservations, both national and international travelers continue to book with little margin of time, because 65.84% of hotel reservations made in the last two weeks have been for October.

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