The markets quote the ‘Powell effect’: 5 keys this Wednesday

The markets quote the 'Powell effect': 5 keys this Wednesday

Markets are trading yesterday’s statements by Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

The petroleum Falls.

Cryptocurrencies move with rises this morning.

Here are the five factors that investors should consider today when making their decisions:

1. Markets price Powell’s words
Jerome Powell, chairman of the Fed, did not give details yesterday of the monetary policy strategy of the agency, which caused increases in the American indices. European markets are trading today the effects of these statements, after the movements on Wall Street.

2. Poor World Bank forecasts
The World Bank lowers its global growth forecast for 2023 from 3.0% to 1.7%, the third weakest pace in nearly three decades. U.S. GDP is expected to rise 0.5% in 2023 and the euro zone will not grow, according to the agency.

3. Crypto, on the rise; Coffee falls
The cryptocurrency sector is still trying to raise its head. The Bitcoin It is quoted at $ 17,000 and the Ethereum in the 1,300.

Attentive also to the price of the U.S. coffee these days. Today it moves at 149 dollars.

4. Asia and the American stock market
Positive sign today in the main Asian indices. The Nikkei up 0.9%, the Hang Seng of Hong Kong gains 1.3% and the Shanghai Composite Quote flat.

As for Wall Street, the market also ended in the green yesterday. The closures of the S&P 500 (+0.7%), NASDAQ (+1%) and Dow Jones (+0,5%).

5. Macro data
Among the macroeconomic references in Europe, the Italy retail sales and the CPI of Portugal.

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In the United States we will know the Mortgage Market Index and the Oil inventories raw of the IEA.

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