The Marvels: this is what Iman Vellani looks like with the new Ms. Marvel costume on the set

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The Marvels, the sequel to the Captain Marvel movie as part of the MCU, is nearing the end of its filming. So much so, that despite not yet having an official statement from Marvel Studios or its director Our DaCosta, There are several members of the team that have announced the end of their collaboration, implying that the production is heading its final stretch. Also, we have the first image of what it will look like Ms. Marvel in the film after his debut in his own series, all thanks to a leaked photograph from the filming set itself that shows what his new suit looks like.

New costume for Kamala Khan in The Marvels

Thus, the filming of The Marvels (formerly known as Captain Marvel 2) began in the middle of last August, which would already take almost 4 months of work, the average time for this type of production. And although almost nothing is known about this new film, we do know that several components of the technical team have already finished their work, to which we must add the announcement of the South Korean actor Park Seo-joon that he had already ended his participation a few weeks ago.

All this without filtering absolutely nothing of a filming that would have taken place a good part of it in interior locations; up to now. And it is that a leaked photograph of Ms. Marvel with her new appearance has transcended, with a much more colorful and ostentatious outfit of what has been seen in his series of origins for Disney +.

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The film will have three protagonists, as they are Capitana Marvel/Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau (from Scarlet Witch and Vision) and Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan (from the Ms. Marvel series). The Marvels is scheduled to premiere on February 17, 2023.

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