The Matrix Awakens: the impressive figures of the Unreal Engine 5

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One of the best samples of what the new consoles that we can find today are capable of is the technical demo The Matrix Awakens, which shows the full potential of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. After its premiere during The Game Awards -although it could be downloaded before-, many players have enjoyed this brief but intense experience, and whose figures make it clear the technical muscle of which it can boast.

Unreal Engine 5 keeps getting muscle

Ross Hogben, a member of Epic Games, has shared on the official PlayStation blog how they created this demo, and he gives some simply astonishing numbers. For example, being just a technical demo, it ensures that it has 16 square kilometers in size, a city that also includes 7,000 buildings created with “thousands of modular pieces”. In addition, we will find 1,248 intersections, more than 250 kilometers of road and 512 of sidewalks. As for vehicles, there are 45,073 parked, with more than 38,000 of which can be driven.

“This huge, dynamic world is incredibly rich, complex and photorealistic,” says Hogben. “It is created with billions of polygons, with the micro-polygon system of the Unreal Engine 5, and processed with the powerful CPUs and GPUs of the PlayStation 5 to develop an incredibly high level of detail and visual fidelity.”

But Hogben goes beyond cold numbers, stating that The Matrix Awakens it is also a simulation. That is, traffic and characters exist in the world whether we look at them or not, or in other words, they are not generated based on the player’s actions. Or as he puts it, they are “actors in a global simulation that is constantly being evaluated.”

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