The Matrix Resurrections final trailer and some clues about Neo and Trinity

Matrix is one of the most successful sci-fi franchises in movie history. Why? Simple: he stimulated the imagination of an entire generation with his approach. The idea that reality is a simulation imposed by machines that are using humanity as a source of energy is nothing short of revolutionary. The Wachowski sisters found an argument to go down in history.

Although the original entry in the series is the most applauded of the three, we must not fail to recognize the trilogy in its entirety. Also the advance they achieved in technical matters when filming the action sequences, with the bullet time effect as an indisputable flag. So how does this story continue? Lana Wachowski She is in charge of directing and writing this new chapter.

New keys to the plot of the Matrix Resurrections

Today a new preview of The Matrix Resurrections in which we see how Neo (Keanu Reeves) y Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) are destined to fight within the matrix to save the destiny of humanity enslaved by machines. There is a kind of “repetition” or “Dejá Vú” feeling that the characters have in the simulation. This is clearly seen with footage from the new movie mixed in with scenes from previous entries.

Another comeback? Jada Pinkett Smith does the same as Niobe, looking very different from how we saw it last time in Revolutions. It is also clear from the new trailer that “The most important choice in Neo’s life is not his”. It seems that the Chosen One must trust the woman he loves so much. Trinity It is one of the keys within the mystery that it offers The Matrix Resurrections. She talks about a dream that showed her reality …

More about the cast of the movie? Lambert Wilson and Daniel Bernhardt return as The Merovingian and agent johnson. Hugo Weaving will not return as Agent Smith and we will not see Laurence Fishburne as Morfeo. Of course, the discoverer of the Chosen One will be interpreted, this time, by Yahya Abdul Mateen II. For her part, Priyanka Chopra Jonas will act as Hours, formerly personified by Tanveer K. Atwal. The Matrix Resurrections It will premiere on December 22.

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