The Matrix Resurrections joke that was based on real events

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The fourth film of Matrix, Matrix Resurrections hit theaters last Thursday, December 23, and marked the return to the big screen of Neo Y Trinity after almost two decades. Morfeo It was also seen, although this time it was not played by Lawrence Fishburn but Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, in a more youthful version than that of the characters in Keanu Reeves Y Carrie-Anne Moss. The film was directed only by Lana Wachowski, as Lili, her sister, chose not to be linked to the project in that sense.

In the movie, you see Neo completely absorbed by routine and screens (a clear criticism of the current state in which we are constantly exposed to all kinds of electronic devices). In this new world la Matrix is presented as an invention of his own Thomas Anderson before being awakened and becoming Neo, who operates as a very important video game designer and who was the one who created everything that was seen in the original trilogy of Matrix.

During one of the initial moments of Matrix Resurrections, you see the character of Jonathan Groff, the head of Thomas Anderson, tell him that they will make a sequel to his video game with or without his help. Apparently, this line of dialogue was anchored in a real event, and this was confirmed by one of the film’s producers, James McTeigue, in an interview with Collider. As he told, Warner Bros. (which in the film is the company that distributed the video games of Matrix) thought about looking for a director other than the wachowski sisters.

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“I think that when you have a franchise with so much potential to make money, you always talk”, assured the producer about the chances of looking for another director. “There is always the potential to update those films simply for the possibility of making money and telling new stories. I shouldn’t say that this is just a tax thought. But yeah, look, there were versions out there, that didn’t make it to the best version. So when Lana He came back and said, ‘I’m interested in making another movie’, of course they were with the director who was in the genesis of Matrix, he sentenced.

What if Matrix 5 comes?

Yes OK Matrix Resurrections has a post-credits scene, unlike what happens with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) It is not so clear that it is a sequence that connects with a future project of the saga. However, in Warner Bros. Pictures They are seriously thinking about making a new movie and this was confirmed by the CEO of the company, Ann Sarnoff, who even wants Lana Wachowski return with your sister to the chair of the director.

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