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The Meaning of the Mobile Phone with Arrow Emoji on WhatsApp


WhatsApp Emojis: The Hidden Meanings

WhatsApp is not only the most used messaging application worldwide, but it also has a series of details that very few have realized. Among these, are the more than 720 emoticons that the app has available for use. Each one of them has a different figure and striking color. However, some of them can be difficult to understand at first glance.

The Cell Phone Emoji Explained

Have you ever wondered what the cell phone emoji with an arrow means? Well, there is a reason for it and we’re here to explain it to you. According to Emojipedia, the website responsible for interpreting every emoji created by Unicode, the cell phone with an arrow pointed towards it is also known as “Mobile Phone with Arrow.”

Incoming Call Notification

Despite being quite strange, the arrow in the emoji is intended to indicate an incoming call. It can also serve to notify the receiver that there is a new message to be read. In another section, the website states that it can represent mobile phones, technology, and communication in general, making it an essential part of the available emojis.

How to Contact WhatsApp

If there is an issue with your device or application, you can contact WhatsApp directly through their support page. Simply fill out the form with your personal data, including your name, email, and cell phone number with the country code so that a chat can open, and you can talk directly with a support representative.

In conclusion, WhatsApp Emoji may seem like a mere addition to the application, but they can convey vital information and add value to your conversations. So, go ahead and use the different emoticons available to make your messages more fun and attractive. Don’t forget to follow us on our social networks for more news and updates.

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