The mechanic who repairs cars to donate them to people who do not have and need to move

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Having a car is not something that is considered a basic necessity to live like housing or food, but for some people in the United States who live far from their work or basic services like school it is, although not all have access to acquire one.

That is why Eliot Middleton, owner of a steakhouse called Middleton & Maker Village BBQ, in Awendaw, located in the state of South Carolina, works as a mechanic for perform a noble deed in your community: repairing vehicles and donating them to people who don’t have one.

In the rural area where Eliot lives, public transport is practically non-existent, so commuting to do routine tasks such as shopping is very limited. “There is no public transport. There are no Ubers; no taxis or anything like that “, the owner of the barbecue restaurant told .

Faced with this problem, he created his own NGO called Middleton’s Village to Village to help his community. This foundation is in charge of donate cars to the people who don’t have and need. According to the magazine He has given away more than 60 cars, which he gets through donations.

The flood of donations made Eliot realize that “with someone pushing the plate, there will also be people behind you pushing the plate.” As his work has become known, has been receiving many calls to the point of receiving about 800 contributions to donate.

One of those who benefited from Eliot was Aziare Green, a single mother who I needed to borrow the car of their relatives and neighbors to move, which will no longer happen. “I am so glad I was able to help”said the man in .

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