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The statistics do not lie and, according to the figures of the last week, Cobra Kai is the most watched series of Netflix in the last week globally. Is that this fiction belonging to the franchise of Karate Kid He knew how to captivate streaming platform users to continue the legacy that is passed from generation to generation. And it is that its main strength is its ability to sustain the mystique that is seen in every martial arts training that was seen for the first time decades ago.

The first tape that made up the film series arrived in 1984 starring Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso), Noriyuki Pat Morita (Sr. Narigoshy Miyagi), Elizabeth Shue (Ali Mills), William Zabka (Johnnny Lawrence), Randee Heller (Lucille LaRusso) y Martin Kove (John Kreese), among others. With the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel as a fundamental attraction, the subscription service resumed this success that has just launched new episodes.

With the fourth season on the air and with a huge reception from the audience, the protagonists themselves remembered the beginnings of this strip and their tribute to the protagonist of the original film. It was in dialogue with The Hollywood Reporter that Ralph Macchio placed special emphasis on his relationship with Pat Morita, the icon of this saga who passed away at 73 in 2005. Apparently, their friendship was as real as the one that was broadcast through the screen.

Balance, as well as intimidation, is ingrained in Miyagi’s Karate Kid universe, as we call it. And those are the elements that the Cobra Kai series takes as a basis to find its own voice and tone.”, The actor began saying. And I add: “The first day I heard the concept from the creators of the show, it was very important to me to have Mr. Miyagi throughout the series. Is pay great respect to the character and a tribute to our relationship and that magic we share, that special connection”.

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In this way, Ralph Macchio assured: “He would have loved all of this. I talk to his daughters sometimes and I stay connected that way. I didn’t have to fight to get Miyagi on the show because the creators were on the same side”. Before premiering the fifth season, he concluded: “It’s something we work on together to inform the next generation, to share the legacy of his character and how he still speaks today. We feel that spirit on set”.

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