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The Mercenaries 4 villain revealed

More and more see teran you and trained. Who would have the noses to face them? That could well be the question that fans who are looking forward to the premiere of The Mercenaries 4 . As well, now i can Let’s answer it: the movie already has a villain .

AND si er is a fan of The R aid, are likely that the idea excites you . In other words, e The chosen actor has been I of Uwai s . In addition, far from staying solely with the actor himself, they have been revealed the first details of your per rattle . Keep reading and we will tell you all.

As reported Deadline , your character will be á an ex-military man turned arms dealer . And how could it be otherwise, our pro Tagonistas will have to face the army of this villain. What we do not know is whether this army will really have to do with nationality. actor’s age , which is from Indonesia.

In any case, it is confirmed that the filming (which has already begun) takes place in countries like the UK, Bulgaria and Greece . And although the film does not have a release date yet, we also know that it will be the last installment of this beloved saga cinematographic.

As to Iko Uwais, the actor rose to international fame after playing Rama in both installments of The Raid . From there, we have seen him pass by the universe of S tar Wars (The Force Awakens a), as well as sharing a set with Dave B autista y Kumail Nanjiani and Stuber Express .

And speaking of cast, we remind you that Los Mercenar ios 4 will have an ele really spectacular star nco . Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture will return, but also will join the co nj unto Megan Fox, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Jacob Scipio y Andy García .

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