The Merge: Lead Tech Writer at Bybit answered some key questions about the latest Ethereum upgrade

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Given that The Merge of Ethereum occurred this recent week, thus marking one of the most relevant events in the history of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Nathan Tompson, the main technology technical writer at Bybit has decided to share with Cointelegraph in Spanish, some Answers of the most relevant topics about the new Ethereum update.

Although, Thompson first highlights that The Merge is a software update on the Ethereum blockchain, which is expected to be converted from now on into a much more secure and energy efficient blockchain.

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Will The Merge Accelerate Ether Institutional Adoption? According to Thompson, within the crypto tradition, there is a great event that has been predicted for a long time: the arrival of “the institutions”, such as pension funds, corporate treasuries, and even sovereign wealth funds. In this sense, he affirms that some of these entities have already begun to accumulate crypto, however, there are many more that are still on the sidelines.

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