The Mesmerizing World of ‘Mermaidcore Aesthetic’

The Mermaidcore Trend Is Making Waves for Summer 2023 | Teen Vogue

Mermaidcore: The New Fashion Trend Taking Over

While the Barbiecore fashion trend continues to dominate the industry and fashionistas’ wardrobes, there is a new aesthetic trend that has been capturing everyone’s attention this year – Mermaidcore. This trend has gained significant popularity, especially since the start of summer.

Fashion experts believe that the success of Mermaidcore can be attributed to the release of The Little Mermaid movie. However, it is TikTok that has truly propelled this trend to new heights, allowing it to gain momentum and influence among the masses.

According to Trendalytics statistics, Mermaidcore has garnered a staggering 14.5 billion searches on TikTok alone, with an average of 128 searches per week.

The Mermaid Style

Mermaidcore draws inspiration from the mythical sea creatures known as mermaids. In the world of fashion, this trend revolves around clothing, accessories, shoes, and any object that can be adorned with colors and elements associated with these beings and the ocean.

The predominant colors in Mermaidcore range from foam green to various shades of blue, turquoise, purple, and even beige. Iridescence and metallic shine also play prominent roles, as well as the mother-of-pearl coatings found inside shells. Elements such as starfish, crustaceans, fishing nets, frills resembling tentacles, and pearl-adorned accessories add to the overall aesthetic.

Makeup and nail art also play a significant role in Mermaidcore, with countless searches on social media platforms. Users share a wide variety of decorations linked to this aesthetic, creating a vibrant and diverse community.

Although some elements of Mermaidcore can be traced back to the Y2K trend and past fashion trends, this specific aesthetic had not been categorized as Mermaidcore until now. It is the original tale of The Little Mermaid that has attributed to its existence and the recent movie adaptations have further popularized it.

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The Influence of Mermaidcore

Mermaidcore has not only captured the attention of social media users but has also made its way into the closets of many celebrities. From big red carpet events like the Oscars and the MET Gala, to everyday fashion choices, Mermaidcore has left its mark.

Halle Bailey, known for her role in The Little Mermaid, has been one of the trend’s greatest proponents. Other stars such as Kate Hudson, Amanda Seyfried, Heidi Klum, Jessica Chastain, Kaia Gerber, Naomi Campbell, and Dua Lipa have all embraced this aesthetic. Dua Lipa even incorporated it into her Versace collection, “La Vacanza,” and portrayed it in her role as Barbie Sirena.

Even well-known personalities like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski have not lagged behind, as they were seen sporting dresses and swimsuits that align with the Mermaidcore aesthetic even before the summer began.

The Mermaidcore fashion trend continues to gain momentum, captivating both the fashion industry and individuals worldwide. From social media feeds to red carpets, this aesthetic shows no signs of fading away anytime soon.

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