The Metaverse Guidebook: Everything You Need to Know

By: Dan Cooper

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The Metaverse: A Virtual Environment for All

We have spent many years with the word metaverse in our heads. For technology friends, it has resonated for years, while to others it sounds out of the blue because of the mythical phrase by Tamará Falcó. But that is the least of it, since what happens is that this virtual environment is the present and the future of all.

But the question for many is whether their computer is capable of entering the metaverse, one that we are going to solve for you in the following lines.

What Requirements Does the Metaverse Need?

The ordinary user barely cares if his computer meets the requirements to use certain programs. And that’s not a bad thing when it comes to office applications or entertainment, in which case all you need is that the computer works and you have an Internet connection. But all this changes, or perhaps will change, when the vast majority of users intend to enter the metaverse.

Of course, to start interacting you need a computer, but you will also need AR/VR glasses to see what is in the virtual environment. There are many on the market and we will review some of them later. But first, and perhaps most important, is to consider what kind of computer you need to enter the metaverse.

The Computer Configuration Needed

Of course, we will have to attend to a specific configuration in which three components are extremely important to move all the graphics in front of you in real time: the processor, which will be the one that moves the data, a RAM capable of supporting the flow of the processors and a graphics card that can generate all the graphics.

To get started, you will need an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor, which in their latest versions are clearly more powerful and energy efficient. These must be supported yes or yes by a RAM that has at least 8 GB since with less the computer will have problems. Here, if you can opt for better DDR5 memories, but a minimum of DDR4 type.

And we come to the part that many fear: the graphics card. And this is normal, because more than one will think that they will need a state-of-the-art ‘mastodon’ to start working in the virtual environment, but nothing is further from the truth. The essential minimum is an Nvidia GTX 1060 of at least 6 GB or an AMD Radeon RX 580 failing that. You will be surprised by the price, since this type of card has a price of between 100 and 200 euros.

So if you’re looking to take a dive into the virtual world of the metaverse, it’s important to have the right computer configuration in order to do so. With a powerful processor, ample RAM, and a graphics card that can generate all the graphics, you’ll be on your way to experiencing the metaverse in all its glory.

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