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The Mexico Stock Exchange falls 0.01%, due to losses in the banking sector

Mexico City, Jun 21 (EFE) .- The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) lost this Monday a marginal 0.01% in its main indicator, to settle at 50,315.69 points, due to losses in the banking sector.

In Mexico, within the Price and Quotation Index (CPI), the main indicator, “gains were recorded in 15 of the 34 main issuers, although due to their weighting (17.47% in the index) the losses of the banking sector were they pushed us to close in negative territory, “analyst Luis Alvarado, from Banco Base, explained to Efe.

In this sector, the falls of the issuers BanRegio (-2.5%), Banorte (-1.66%), Elektra (-0.5%) and Inbursa (-0.24%) stood out.

The expert indicated that, in the same way, the Mexico Group (-2.11%) “affected the performance of the index”, since it is the third company with the highest market capitalization in the index and has a weighting of around the 9.5%.

In addition, he pointed out that unlike the US market, in Mexico there was no “rebound effect”, probably due to the fact that in recent weeks there have been movements “based on internal factors, mainly political, and not on the sentiment of the markets to global level”.

With the decline on Monday, the Mexican index was 14.18% above the close of the previous year.

On the day, the Mexican peso appreciated 0.53% against the dollar, trading at 20.51 units per greenback on the interbank market.

The IPC closed at 50,315.69 units, with a decrease of 3.88 points and a negative variation of 0.01% compared to the previous session.

The volume traded in the market reached 136.8 million titles for an amount of 14,731 million pesos (about 718.2 million dollars).

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