The Microsoft store also allows third-party stores

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In these times, each company has decided to have its own application store. Having a site where users quickly obtain everything they need is vital, but the conditions of both are what ultimately determine the success or failure of these stores for their customers. And this is one thing that Microsoft has realized and stepped forward when we talk about that the Microsoft store also allows third-party store customers.

A store within a store

When using Internet services, one thing must be taken into account and that is that there are many services that clients use for their development. These are not more than applications that what they do is a bridge for you to register and have access to the service directly. And this is where Microsoft has made a new advance thanks to its novelty in the Microsoft Store.

so far, this app integrated within Windows 10 presented all the apps compatible with the operating system and that you could also get on the Internet in the same way. Of course, it is not the same to look for the software that someone gives you where to find it and that it is just the version compatible with the operating system. But this is not the only surprise that those of Redmond have.

It turns out that the company has opened its doors to many of the services offered by other applications. For instance, the Epic Games store will be able to be downloaded very soon from this channel, as well as the Amazon App Store. So you can enjoy all the advantages that these clients offer and downloading from the confidence that Microsoft offers to be compatible.

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No cost to third parties

The strongest point of this strategy to become a success has been that Microsoft will not ask companies for any money to stay in its store. That is, all the profit generated through the application will remain in the developers’ store, which is why Apple was highly criticized because of the rate that it wanted to put Epic through purchases included in Fortnite. But these are not the only ones that will arrive since there has been talk of the arrival of Android apps to the Redmond system very soon.


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