The millionaire budget from Fast and Furious 9

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Fast and furious is a saga that perfected a formula that repeats and improves in each of its new entries. In that sense, from the fifth film you can see an injection of money in the budget of the film to present a more played story, with more complex action sequences and everything that a franchise that achieved commercial success, but still it falls short of specialized criticism.

Surely you are curious to know what the cost of one of these movies is. If you’ve already seen the last entry in the saga, Fast and furious 9, you know this is not a cheap tape to produce. Destroyed cars, explosions and VFX sequences make the film a spectacle. How much did you invest Universal Pictures in the movie?

How much did Universal invest in Fast and Furious 9?

According to data shared on the Internet by Box Office Modjo, the first installment of the saga cost 38 million dollars. Until the fourth part, the budget of the films did not reach 90 million. In the fifth inning, there was a jump in quality, and 125 million dollars were invested. Since that movie, they have never gone below $ 100 million with a peak of $ 250 million invested in the eighth of the story.

So how much money did you decide to inject Universal Pictures in the ninth movie? Especially considering the context of the pandemic due to the COVID-19. Fast and furious 9 it was released only in theaters and did not use the streaming resource. The film had a budget of $ 225 million and is currently all the rage at the global box office.

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A curious fact: the director Justin Lin I wanted to add a scene with a weather balloon, but the production company rejected it because it seemed too expensive. The filmmaker stated in this regard: “If I look back now, that’s the only thing I would have personally paid for, for the weather balloon. I love starting crazy ideas by doing it ourselves.”.

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