The minimum wage increases in France to 1,353 euros

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The minimum wage increases in France to 1,353 euros

The French minimum interprofessional wage increased today, with the change of year, to 1,353 euros, representing a net increase of 1.8%, 24 euros, compared to 2022.

By the hour, the minimum wage rises from 11.07 euros to 11.27.

The increase is automatic each year based on year-on-year inflation published in November by the French statistics institute (Insee).

During 2022, however, it had already undergone three revaluations to protect the purchasing power of the French against price increases.

With the new year, other changes also came into force, such as the replacement of the general fuel subsidy by a premium for the most modest workers who have to use the car.

Also from this January 1, fast food restaurants must stop using disposable containers for their products consumed in the place.

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