The Minister of Sports, Iceta, ‘takes away’ a World Cup from the Spanish basketball team

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The Minister of Sports, Miquel Iceta, He has not been able to hit something so elementary for someone in his position as the number of world championships that appear in the list of winners of the national basketball team, which are two. In the congratulations that the socialist leader has made at the farewell of the Gasol brothers, Iceta has celebrated that during his era a world title has been achieved, when in reality there are two twisted ones Global achieved with at least one Gasol on board.

After the elimination of Spain in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic tournament, both Pau Gasol as Marc Gasol announced their retirements of the national team, a goodbye already announced in the case of the oldest and most surprising on the part of the minor. As the highest government official at the sports level, the socialist Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture and Sports, publicly acknowledged “your impeccable career”, underlining that “the whole country loves and admires you.”

Then, he wanted to review his record, which he dissected like this: “Three Olympic medals, one World Cup and three Europeans”, adding that it is an “unforgettable” wound collection. But Iceta did forget something: that Spain has been proclaimed world champion in 2006 and also in 2019. Two titles.

The surprising oversight may well have its origin in the fact that it is true that Pau Gasol only participated in one of these two World Cups, the one in 2006, in which Marc Gasol was also present – it was his international debut. Perhaps, Iceta gives more value to this championship because the coach was the one who is today a partner in the Socialist Party, Pepu Hernandez. The one who was coach between 2006 and 2007, with notable sporting success, took advantage of the talent of the generation led by the Gasols and Juan Carlos Navarro to start the golden age of Spanish basketball, which later Aíto García Reneses and above all, Sergio Scariolo, took to maximum levels, culminating in the second world championship, which Spain signed up in Japan just two years ago, in 2019. Without Pau Gasol, but with his brother Marc as a solid reference in the inner game.

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Bumpy premiere

The truth is that Miquel Iceta is specializing in screwing up his congratulations since Sánchez removed him from the Ministry of Territorial Policy to take him to Culture and Sports. On July 11, as soon as he arrived at his new position, he made his debut trying to congratulate the brand new junior champion of Wimbledon, Ane Mintegi. But his aim failed him when it came to correctly writing the name of the young athlete, whom he baptized as Ana, even linking a publication of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation in which the name did appear correctly.

Not to mention that in that message broadcast by Miquel Iceta, then Minister of Culture, there was also a misspelling: the exclamation point to open the phrase, a distinctive characteristic of the Spanish language, was conspicuous by its absence.

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