The Modern Family controversy: why Mitch and Cam take so long to kiss

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For eleven seasons, Modern Family it established itself as one of the best-received comedies on television. With the similar format of mockumentary that so well suited The Office, this fiction made humor based on the different types of families that are found today, ranging from what was previously considered a typical family to those that are made up of same-sex couples or are assembled. 22 emmy awards those responsible for this fiction received the laughter they gave away.

Two of the protagonists of Modern Family They were Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet), who made up one of the most beloved couples on television. Far from focusing on the way they met, the comedy started from the basis that the two had already been together for a while and how the search for being parents led them to adopt Lilly. Beyond the tender moments they experienced, there was something that fans quickly noticed.

There was something that quickly attracted attention and it had to do with how little affectionate they were with each other. Mitchell and Cameron, to the point of not kissing on screen during the entire first season. This led to posts on Facebook with opinions about the reasons behind this decision, articles that spoke that the audience was not prepared to see this, and even posts in Reddit where it was counted how many times they kissed in the first ten seasons (13).

On IMDb, the kiss episode has a score of 8.1. (IMDb)

Such was the uproar that was generated around the couple dynamics raised by Modern Family that the scriptwriters had to go out and explain what had happened to a statement published by ABC. Cameron and Mitchell They are a loving, earthy, committed and affectionately demonstrative couple, and have been since the beginning of the series. It happens that we have an episode on the way that responds to the discomfort of Mitchell to show affection in public “, they assured, before launching the second season.

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In the episode “The kiss”, the second of installment number two of the comedy, Mitch and Cam they finally kiss for the first time on camera. According to what this chapter has shown, the problem lay in the little affection that Mitch had received from Jay (Ed O’Neill). After being left in evidence, the oldest of the show’s family radically changed the way he expressed his affection and understood how important it was, with an episode ending in which he is seen giving a good night kiss to Manny (Rico Rodriguez).

mitch y cam modern family

Mitch and Cam were the 250 episodes of the series. (IMDb)

Friends, the emblematic case

If it’s about sitcoms and sexuality, Friends was one of the first to break the mold and openly show a couple with two people of the same sex. Beyond the jokes that today perhaps did not age in the best way, Carol (Jane Sibbett) and Susan (Jessica Hecht) made up one of the most remembered couples on television. They even showed the first marriage between women in a series in the primetime.

However, this was not easy for one of his actresses, Jane Sibbett, who said that his family did not take it very well. “For me it was always about love, that’s why it never caught my attention”Said the artist who said that she was complex with her father. “He was a very conservative Christian. Before Friends started airing, he made sure his friends were at home. They got together to read the Bible every Thursday night so they couldn’t see who their daughter was interpreting “, he pointed.

ross geller david schwimmer jane sibbett friends

The chapter on the wedding between Carol and Susan aired in 1996. (IMDb)

The father of Sibbett He didn’t even want to talk to her about what he was doing in one of the biggest comedies in television history. But the scope of the fiction was so weighty that one day it finally gave way. “Eventually I remember going home and saying, ‘My friends were sending me these articles about your work. I’m proud’. He had realized that what he was doing had made an impact, that it was something very big. But this was many years later. Maybe six years until he understood what this meant, that the point of this was love “, assured the actress.

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