The most anticipated reunion: is the Game of Twins back?

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For all who were born from 90’s, Twins game was installed as a classic from Disney. Originally, it was titled as The Parent Trap while in Spain as You to London and I to California. Whatever the name, it is known that it is one of the favorite films of this generation and that today it does not go out of style. In fact, many take the opportunity to remember it or see it for the first time in Disney+.

Its premiere took place in 1998 with a great cast that continues to be associated with the feature film. Is that his characters were so iconic that it is impossible to forget them: Lindsay Lohan like annie and hallie, Dennis Quaid like Nick, Natasha Richardson like Elizabeth, Elaine Hendrix like Meredith, Lisa Ann Walter like Chessy and Simon Kunz like Martin.

Actually, all of those roles were an adaptation of the original film released in 1961, also available in Disney+ under the same name. But of course, the version that reached the greatest popularity and that still continues to have an impact was the remake. It is that there are never enough curiosities about the film and we always want to know something more. Therefore, we tell you a detail that few know: among the cast, two people keep a great friendship.

They are Elaine Hendrix, who played Nick’s fiancee and therefore the great villain, and Lisa Ann Walter, Hallie’s housekeeper. It was not a simple relationship of trust on set, but it was something much further: today both actresses define themselves as best friends and share on their social networks all the meetings and memories they have of Twins game.

Days ago they surprised with an unpublished video. The Meredith Blake actress climbed into her TikTok the recreation of an unforgettable scene. In it, she is seen ringing a bell to call one of the twins’ lullaby. “Chessy? It is such a big house. Chessy!Hendrix yells. Just at that moment, Walter comes into action and responds tiredly: “You called?”. Neither of them can hold their laughter and they quickly abandon their characters. A great moment for all fans of the movie available at Disney+ who applauded the reunion with likes and comments.

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