The most awkward scenes between Jacob Elordi and Joey King in The Kissing Booth 3

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The Kissing Stand 3 premiered this Wednesday on Netflix and one of its condiments was to know how they appeared on screen Jacob Elordi Y Joey King once they parted ways. The actors became a couple after the first movie, but months later they ended. The problem was that they had to make two more tapes together and share high voltage scenes. Know more uncomfortable between the two!

“It was crazy, it was a wild experience. But honestly, it was a really beautiful moment. Because I learned a lot about myself and grew up as an actress. “The actress commented in statements to Elle before The Kisses Stand 2. In that same interview, the 22-year-old recognized that making the film with her ex was “a sacrifice”.

Jacob Elordi and Joey King in the pool scene from Kissing Booth 3 (Netflix)

Jacob and Joey, together in the pool

The third movie was shot at the same time in secret so the situation was the same. To top it all, the first scene has them in a very special context: they’re in the pool kissing and Noah told Elle he wants them to live together. “I want to do everything with you”, it is heard from the mouth of Jacob. Fortunately, Lee Flynn arrives to jump into the water and break with that moment that uncomfortable even the spectators.

The intimate scene between Elle and Noah

Another of the closer sequences between the artists occurred around minute 52. When Elle finishes her work shift, she finds something unexpected: Noah offers her a romantic surprise with music and waits for her with a rose. The two characters dance and end up in bed scantily clad.

Similar stories in front of and behind the camera

Like little, Elle and Noah’s story bears great similarities to that of Joey and Jacob in reality. In both fiction and real life, the two have a great relationship despite not ending up together. Elordi even made “a special mention” to King on his Instagram account.

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